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Cyber Loss Scenarios to Test and Demonstrate the Coverage Following COVID-19
19 November 2020

About the Course

The disappointment of customers and the many policy disputes on business interruption coverage following the pandemic have illustrated that many insureds and some of their brokers did not understand the limitations of property damage/business interruption coverage.

Cyber insurance policies are newer, less tested and arguably trickier to understand than property damage/business interruption policies. Therefore, brokers and insurers must be able to clearly explain to customers the coverage and any limitations to the coverage to prevent similar policy disputes.

The best way of doing this is to scenario test the policy wording with potential cyber scenarios in order to understand how the policies may respond.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify four common cyber loss scenarios which may or may not be covered under a cyber policy.
  • Identify which customers are likely to be most concerned with what scenario.
  • Explain how a cyber insurance policy may or may not apply to each scenario.
  • Prepare an action plan on how to use the scenarios to both demonstrate the value and potential limitations of cyber insurance.

Course Content

  • Cyber insurance policies
  • Four common cyber loss scenarios
  • How a cyber insurance may or may not apply to each scenario
  • How to use the scenarios to prevent policy disputes
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Premier Series: Fire Risk Engineering For Non-Risk Engineers/Surveyors
2-3 December 2020

About the Course

Using simple non-technical terms, photos and video-clips, the trainer will take participants through the essential knowledge and skills needed to understand survey reports and carry out surveys for non-complex risk.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and evaluate the underwriting considerations for property underwriting purposes.
  • Identify the basics of risk engineering, the hardware used and what to look for during a survey.
  • Carry out simple tests during a survey and write a simple survey report.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Construction
  • Module 3: Exposure
  • Module 4: Fire Detection Systems
  • Module 5: Water based Protection
  • Module 6: Special Protection Systems
  • Module 7: Water based Fixed Automatic Extinguishing System
  • Module 8: Maintenance and Testing
  • Module 9: Flammable Liquids
  • Module 10: Combustible Dust
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Risk Management Lessons from the Global Response to COVID-19
7 December 2020

About the Course

Pandemic was Number 1 on many government’s risk registers and high on the list of many organisations’ risk radars but its sheer scale has surprised us all. The crisis management planning of many organisations and governments has served them well but at other times we have all been trying to frantically catch up.

So, what risk management lessons can we learn from the pandemic?

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the risk management plans and actions which have served governments and organisations well.
  • Areas where risk management planning and responses could be improved.
  • Actions which we can put in place to prepare ourselves for some of the other risks of the future including the current pandemic.

Course Content

  • COVID-19 on global insurance market
  • Risk management plans
  • How to improve risk management plan in response to pandemic
  • The future

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