Key learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to :
•relate the Malaysian Legal System with the English Common Law.
• distinguish between Common Law Equity and Statute.
• express the General Principals of Liability.
• relate the General Principles of Insurance as applicable to Liability Insurance.
       • relate the various branches of Law of Torts relevant to Liability Insurance.
• define and discuss Law of Negligence as applicable to Liability Insurance.
       • identify damages resulting negligence.
       • relate Plaintiffs and tortfeasors.
       • recognize the Defences.
• define and relate Law of Nuisance as applicable to Liability Insurance.
       • explain and discuss on Trespass.
       • defences for Nuisance and Trespass.
• define and relate Strict Liability.
• discuss on the nature of Vicarious Liability.
• differentiate between Libel and Slander.
• recognize the various Business Liability Insurance Products.
• identify the Risk of Liability arising from the use of the premises for business risk.
• identify the liability arising from Goods Manufactured and Supplied.
• recognize Liability Insurance arising from the Professional Negligence and differentiate between General Negligence and Professional Negligence.
• identify the risk arising from Officers of a Company.
• recognize Liability insurance arising from personal activity including social
sports, house/property owners.


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