Can I have the online registration guideline? I need to help the candidate to register online to block the seat.

Effective Sept 2015 examinations onwards, MII will offer the online registration for Computer Based Examination. As such, there will be no reservation/booking for the above examination. Please take note that the official announcement for the online registration will be made by our management soon. You may request the guideline for online registration from Project Management Office at 03-20878882 or email:- • En Mohd Khairul Reeza Ruslan - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • En Syahfulnizam Mohd Shah- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I register myself or others into ILMS?

There will be two types of registration:

a. Individual Registration – where the person ID/account could register for the offered Exams, Events & Programmes by him/herself. The payment could also be made to by him/her in the system through online banking or credit card (mastercard/visa). The individual shall receive notification on Exam Permit, Tax Invoice (receipt) etc via email. It is like signing up a Facebook™ or email account. On further note, for Agents in the agencies, they shall use this type of registration to register the exam/event by themselves.

b. PIC (Company) Registration – where a person-in-charge could compile or consolidate all the candidates which will be sponsored/paid by the principle company and register the names in bulk into the system. Similar to the current process, the PIC shall identify the participant/candidate qualification before registering him/her in the system. The system will generate invoice upon successful registration and the candidate shall receive notification via entered email by the PIC in the system. The invoice view will be shared across all PICs of the company.

How to get link for ILMS System?

Go to The Malaysian Insurance Institute website, then click ILMS at the top right corner. It will redirect to the ILMS System.

How to sign up and get the user ID?

How to sign up and get the user ID?

For new members, please register online through our system, and fill in a registration form.

I didn’t do the payment. Is my application was accepted?

Your application will only be accepted only after online payment is success

I forgot my username and password for login. Can I retrieve back my login credential?

Yes, you can. Click "Forgot password" at the bottom of the login page. Email notification will be sent to your email with user ID and password.

I have taken the exam at MII before. Have my data is still available in your system?

Yes, your data is still available in our system and you already have an account

I’m an agent leader. Can I register for my agent?

As an agent leader, your agent must create their own account to access in the iLMS System.

I’ve got the message “You have already registered and have an account. Please login using your credentials”. How to retrieve my password.

For existing users, please call our Customer Service 03-20878882 to get your credentials.

What are the procedures to make a refund?

You must provide the exam details and payment details and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Refund will be done via bank credit to customer’s account within 30 days.