The Malaysian Insurance Institute’s Professional and Certification Programmes (CMII, AMII Level 1 and AMII Level 2) develop individuals who are educated, experienced and ethical in the insurance industry. These programmes set them apart from others within the sector and provide them with a distinctive professional advantage with their customers and in their careers.In today’s competitive business world, there is always a demand for highly skilled, customer service-driven professionals. So, if you want to excel… to take your career to the next level… or if you need the gears to help you gain and sustain a professional edge, MII is where you belong.

List Of Programmes:
MII Professional Qualifications Programmes Programme at a Glance
  • Is a comprehensive professional qualification provided by MII for more than 20 years, the AMII qualification is the first step towards the Fellowship of the Malaysia Insurance Institute (FMII) which is the highest professional qualification awarded by MII
  • The programme has 2 levels; Certificate of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (CMII), Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII Level 1) and Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII Level 2)
  • Generally it takes minimum 3 years to maximum 8 years to complete.
  • Designed exclusively for professionals working in the insurance and financial services sectors. It is also suitable for non-insurance professionals who are looking for a professional recognition in insurance.
  • All students undertaking the programme shall be automatically elected as MII student members. Upon completion of the AMII, students may apply for election as MII Associate members
  • Upon completion of the AMII programme, students will be awarded the “AMII” title.
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Students who successfully completed and passed AMII programme can apply to be elected as an Associate member and are entitled to use “AMII” designation on the business cards, email signature and other business stationery, which are a testament of their level of experience and qualifications. AMII designation is the most widely used and is a recognised mark in the Malaysia’s insurance industry representing. insurance professionals who are qualified, regulated and who maintain their skills and knowledge. Being an AMII-recognised member is often a requirement for career progression in many insurance companies and takaful providers in many countries.

Each student who joins our CMII, AMII Level 1 and AMII Level 2 programmes will be required to become our Professional Member (Affiliate or Ordinary membership), joining thousands of other insurance and finance students and a community who are committed to fostering high professional standards and contribute to an innovative, vibrant and competitive industry. Student members are able to take advantage of a range of membership benefits offered. For more information on membership visit our website at



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