Are you ready to show of your badminton skills and enjoy the action-filled fun?

Join the annual Inter-Financial Institutions Badminton Championship which returns this year on 1 & 2nd October 2022

MII is proud to be the Championship Supporting Partner of this event and MII Institutional Members will enjoy a discounted rate on the registration fee!

Normal Fee: RM 2,000 for a team of up to 13 players
MII Institutional Member Fee: RM1,900 for a team of up to 13 players

Over RM15,000 in cash & prizes to be won, including the Challenge Trophy

Hurry, register before 5 August 2022

1 & 2 October 2022 (8am to 6pm)

Sport Arena Puchong, Jalan Layang-Layang 1, 47100 Puchong Jaya, Selangor

1x Men Single
1x Men Doubles
1x Men Veteran Doubles
1x Women Doubles
1x Mixed Doubles;
PREMIER CUP – Alliance Bank Challenge Trophy
1st: Cash Prize RM5000 + Medals + Challenge Trophy
2nd: Cash Prize RM3000 + Medals
3rd: Cash Prize RM2000 + Medals
4th: Cash Prize RM1000 + Medals

1st: Cash Prize RM800 + Medals
2nd: Cash Prize RM500 + Medals
Tournament Fee:
RM2,000 per team

MII Institutional Member Fee:
RM1,900 for a team of up to 13 players.

  1. Confirmation of entry must reach the organizer by 31 July 2022.
  2. Payment of entry fee must be made by 15 August 2022 or earlier, together with the Team Players List (Refer to Rules and Regulations : ELIGIBILTY OF PLAYERS).
  3. Copy of the payment transaction and Players List must be emailed to the Organising Committee Liaison: .
  4. Bank Details:
    • Company Name: Double Motion Sports Management
    • Bank Account No: Public Bank 319 995 1312
  1. Each team is allowed to enter only ONE (1) Team.
  2. Each Team shall be allowed to register a maximum of 13 players.
  3. The registration form must be signed by the Team Manager and endorsed by the Head of Human Resources/Employee Relations of the participating teams. Otherwise it would be deemed as invalid.
  4. Each tie will comprise of 5 matches to be played in the following order:-
    1. Mixed Doubles
    2. Men Doubles
    3. Men Veteran Doubles (born on or before 31.12.1982)
    4. Women Doubles
    5. Men Singles
  5. Request for flexibility of the sequence of matches to be played will be allowed if the request is found to be reasonable by the organizing committee and agreed to by both the concerned teams or at the Team Manager’s meeting. Otherwise the sequence of matches as scheduled under Rule 4 shall apply.
  6. All matches shall be played in accordance with the latest Rules of Badminton World Federation (BWF).
  7. Each team is allowed to register more than two (2) National / State players BUT can only field a maximum of two (2) only during each tie.
  8. A player is considered a National/State Player if he or she has represented/participated in any of the following competitions:
    1. trained under state BA, represented state BA in circuits and SUKMA,
    2. played in any BAM sanctioned tournaments (for example, KL Open, Perak Open, Purple League, etc.),
    3. trained under BAM or represented Malaysia in any BWF tournaments.
  9. Each player is permitted to play once in each tie.
  10. No withdrawals shall be entertained after the closing date. Any team absent on the day of the Tournament shall be considered to have conceded a walkover and all tournament fees submitted would be forfeited.
  11. Captains/Team Managers are to submit their actual line up to the Tournament Referee 30 minutes before the tie is scheduled to start.

  1. All registered players must be permanent employees of the respective Financial Institutions / Financial Services Provider.
  2. A Contract staff that is employed on or before 1 August 2022 is also eligible to participate PROVIDED:
    1. His or her employment is not solely for the purpose of participation.
    2. The staff ID must be submitted together with the registration form.

  1. The participating teams will be drawn into a few groups (subject to the final number of participating teams), which will be played on a Round-Robin basis. After the Round-Robin matches, all teams will play in the Knock Out stage.
  2. All matches will be played in a one set 30 points format, except for the quarter-final knock out matches onwards where winners will be decided on the best of three sets of 21 points.
  3. Top 2 teams from each group would advance to the quarter-final knock out stage, with the remaining teams will play in the Plate Cup Pool.
  4. The Champion and Runner-up of the previous year’s Inter-Financial Institutions Badminton Championship will be seeded.

  1. All Umpires shall be provided by the Organising Committee.
  2. Each team is to provide two (2) linesmen each during a match,
  3. The Umpire’s decision shall be final on all points of facts.
  4. An appeal against the Umpire’s decision on points of law only, may be made by the Team manager to the Tournament Referee appointed by the organising committee.

  1. All Teams shall be on time for the ties. A grace period of fifteen (15) minutes shall be given before the commencement of a tie, after which a walkover for that particular match shall be awarded to the opposing team who is present in the court of play.
  2. A grace period of five (5) minutes will be given between matches, after which the match will be awarded to the opponent who is present in the court of play.
  3. Any team which gives a walkover will not be permitted to continue with the tournament. All points scored will be treated as null and void. All entry fee paid will be forfeited and is not refundable.

In the event there is a clear winner of a tie after completion of three (3) matches during the knock-out stages, the remaining two (2) matches will not be played and play will be terminated with a score of 3-0 awarded to the winning team.

The Organising Committee shall provide the shuttlecocks for the matches.

  1. Three points will be awarded for a win.
  2. The Team with highest number of points will be the group winner.
  3. In the event, two or more teams tie on points, the following will decide the winner in the order of its priorities:
    1. Ranking will be established by the number of matches won.
    2. If two teams have won the same number of matches, the winner of the match between them will be ranked higher.
    3. If three or more teams have won the same number of matches, ranking shall be established by the difference between total games won and total games lost.
    4. If two teams are still equal on points, the winner of the match between them will be ranked higher.


  1. Protests, if any, must be made by the Team Manager or the Team Captain to the Jury of Appeal within 15 minutes of the termination of the tie. Such protests must be in writing and be accompanied by a protest fee of RM500.00, which shall be forfeited if the protest is found to be frivolous.
  2. The Jury of Appeal shall comprise the Organising Chairman, one member of the Organising Committee and the Tournament Referee.
  3. The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final.

  1. Any matters arising and not stipulated in or provided for by the Rules & Regulation herein, shall be decided by the organizing committee.
  2. To facilitate the smooth running of the Tournament, the organising committee reserves the rights to amend the fixtures in any way it may deem fit.
  3. By signing up for and providing any information, personal or otherwise, in order to gain access to any product(s) and/or service(s) and/or participate in any programme(s), event(s), talk(s), demonstration(s) or any other activities involving the Organizer and the Event sponsors ("the Sponsors"), the individual ("the Participant") is deemed to have given explicit permission for the Organizer and the Sponsors to collect, analyse, collate, share, disclose to third parties, sell and/or otherwise use without any liability to the individual, any personal information relating to that individual as may in its sole discretion deem fit, including without any limitation for its programmes, planning, fund-raising and/or any other purposes in furtherance of the functions. The Organizer and the Sponsors declare by virtue of being the Event owner or sponsor, they can use services of third parties;
    1. For development or implementation of programmes, products or services as it may deem necessary;
    2. or outsourcing of any programme(s), event(s),talk(s),demonstration(s) and/or any activities;
    3. For promotional, marketing and/or administrative purposes;
    4. For all purposes as required by law, including without limitation court proceedings ,criminal investigations or prosecutions or where so ordered by any competent authority;
    5. In connection with any proposed novation, assignment, transfer, sale, lease, license, partnership, joint-organising and/or any collaboration where and when required in relation thereto.
  4. The Organizer reserve the right to use any photographs (including those participants), motion picture recordings, or any media records of the event, for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising and distribution to sponsors.

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