#DiscoveringInsurance Campaign is an initiative by The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) to help promote the insurance industry as an industry of choice for job seekers. ​The main objective of this campaign is to disseminate knowledge and create awareness about the insurance industry and the various professions that play integral roles in creating products and services that protect customers andbusinesses against risks.​

​With the support of industry associations, this campaign will help the industry grow with the best talents. ​

Increased number of new entrants into the industry​ Positive perception of the insurance industry Increased level of interest about the industry through online social engagements
Create awareness about insurance careers Disseminate knowledge about the industry Introduce/Promote Malaysian insurance bodies, namely MII, PIAM, LIAM, MITBA and AMLA​

  • Create awareness through scheduled social media postings​
  • #DiscoveringInsurance Campaign webpage at www.insurance.com.my
  • Campaign writeups, articles and personality features made available in a dedicated section in MII’s INSURANCE Magazine
  • Campaign updates made available via MII’s Newsweekly​
  • Live interview sessions with insurance professionals currently serving the insurance industry​
  • Promote insurance-specific trainings and professional qualifications​ for onboarding, reskilling, upskilling and continuous professional development

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