At MII, we continuously look for ways to enhance the learner journey and experience with MII’s qualifications and certifications programmes. As part of the rigorous Academic Framework Review exercise conducted in 2021, we are pleased to provide a new, clear, and simplified pathway for our qualifications and certifications programmes which include easy understanding of progression and outcome at each milestone in the pathway. A significant change to our academic pathway is the introduction of various Micro Credentials attainable throughout the academic journey.

Professional Qualification is increasingly being perceived by Industry Leaders as a path to promote competence and professionalism in the industry. With a simpler pathway and short term certifications available throughout the progression, learners can gain multiple recognitions when they acquire specialized knowledge or skill set at every level of the pathway. This is a significant benefit for learners as it motivates continuous learning to complete a qualification programme.

Click on the above images to view MII simplified qualifications and certifications pathway, and to compare between the traditional pathway and the new and improved pathway with micro credentials.

Micro credentialing is a rising trend across L&D and the academic arena, but it is a new concept to professional qualifications. Here are common benefits of micro credentials to help you understand why it has become the new trend in training and development:

Route to industry professionalism
Offer a way for professionals to acquire and demonstrate new skills and knowledge.

Goal accomplishments made possible
Encourage learners to keep pursuing their professional goals, and give them a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Focused curriculum that aligns with the needs of industries
Promote specific and relevant knowledge in the quickest way possible, and employees get to acquire and demonstrate mastery of practical and applicable skills.

Multiple accomplishments in single programmes
Employees can develop a portfolio of marketable skills by acquiring micro credentials while completing their qualifications/certification programmes

Allow employees to personalise their learning
Learners can select short-form micro credentials tailored to their career goals and responsibilities. This will help them be better prepared to upskill or reskill in the future.

Acts as a bridge to complement long term programmes
Aid learner retention, keeping learners motivated and engaged on their way to completing a programme.

Increased value through enhanced learning journey and experience
Better learning experience help boost and complement learners’ excellence in their roles in the industry.

Learn more through collaborative and social learning
Internationally-recognised digital learning platforms for students to collaborate, discuss and share knowledge with the largest professional insurance fraternity in Asia.

Leveraging on the power of digital
Various modes of learning offered to give a richer experience, and to suit individual preferences and pace in this new hybrid working environment.

Focused and customizable learning
Learners can choose from a wide range of relevant and essential knowledge and skills required for them to better perform in their roles. Valuable time spent will be worthwhile.

Get the best of both worlds
Access to personalised non-insurance e-content to meet learners’ varied interests such as leadership development, and technology awareness modules.

If you are interested to begin your journey towards professionalism with an AMII programme, take a look at these AMII Level 1 and Level 2 Learning Journeys for an overview of what the programme entails.

To see the larger view, click on the images below:

We are happy to explain further about this new micro credentials pathway and the AMII Learning Journeys. Please register your interest by clicking on this link. Alternatively, contact us at +603 2712 8882 or email our Programme Advisors at


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