Searching for e-learning programmes to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points? Look no further as you can earn CPD points with MII’s new Online Learning Content (OLC) Short Courses that caters for industry professionals in the General Insurance sector.

As we seek to continuously serve our members and the industry, we have developed 10 OLC Short Courses to enhance your insurance knowledge. Each course consists of several chapters and at the end of the course, you are required to complete a Learning Assessment comprising 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for each of the General Insurance course. Upon successfully passing the Learning Assessment, you will receive an e-Certificate of Completion with details of your course completion and CPD Points awarded.

Please refer to the table below for more details on the OLC Short Courses offered:

We also offer group discounts for companies that would like to subscribe to MII OLC Short Courses for staff and agents. Refer to the table below for Group, Bulk and Bundle subscriptions pricing:

This offer is open to all (individuals and companies) and valid throughout 2021.

For individual subscriptions, subscribe online at

Click Here to download the user manual on how to subscribe to the Online Learning Content (OLC) Short Courses (with CPD Points).

For group subscriptions and other inquiries, please contact us via or or call us at +603 2712 8882 (business hours 8.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m. Monday to Friday).

Register NOW to empower yourself to learn anywhere anytime and fulfil your CPD requirements for the year!

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