What would we give to be back in 2005 - and massively use Facebook, or 2010 and be the first on Linkedin? Taking advantage of a great organic reach before ads ruined that? Insurers could have made billions. Now a new plattform mergers and it seems insurer around the world are letting this opportunity go by again. this talk is about how to take advantage of it. Dr. Robin Kiera has built the most German speaking Tiktok channel on Finance and Insurance. His clients have established leading tiktok channels.

Speaker’s Profile
Dr Robin Kiera,
CEO of Digitalscouting and sneaker model

Dr. Robin Kiera, is one of the most known insurance experts in the world. There may not be a lot of board members that would not pick up the phone when he calls. After a career in sales and IT, Robin established Digitalscouting - one of the hottest consulting firms for insurance and finance supporting the who is who of the global insurance industry as sparring partner for strategy, modernizing marketing and sales.

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