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Lee Chin Hon
Head of Data Governance and Cybersecurity
COO office

I joined the insurance Industry with very minimal knowledge and that made me start the quest for a structured learning programme which covers the industry supply chain. The search led to AMII - a program that enables, upon completion, understanding of every important aspect of the industry. AMII incorporated flexibility, which allows choosing electives that suits individual needs. AMII exposes individuals to common terminologies and understanding that helps to connect various stakeholders. AMII has provided the required solid foundation.

Anitha Nadesan
Assistant Vice President
Technical Accounting & Underwriting Admin Dept

I am glad that I decided to do the AMII Professional Program with MII as it has given me renewed enthusiasm towards my career. This program plays an important role for me to build professional path of my career ladder in my organisation and the Insurance industry. Syllabuses are well levelled and simplified for better understanding and is in accordance with the practice of insurance guidelines. Thank you to the MII management and the lecturers for having this program and administering it very well.

Mariyam Nazra
– International Student, Maldives

Having had the chance to study and experience what MII has to offer was a remarkable opportunity. Completing AMII with MII has been an astounding journey. The compassion shown from faculty of MII were heart-warming. 

The lecturers of MII were undoubtedly the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers I have met. MII’s dedication to provide its students with knowledge and experience and the ultra-modern methods used to facilitate students with the best learning experience was profound. 

AMII course is designed to accommodate for fresh out of school students as well as field experienced individuals or anyone who is interested to choose Insurance as a carrier path.


Sawaadh Hussain
– International Student, Maldives

I completed my AMII programme back in the year 2012, during this Programme, one of the most important thing that I have had experienced was that the Lecturers who were training us were having Immense experience and knowledge in Insurance and particularly on the subject modules. In addition to that the Facilities available in the training rooms and International student lounge were exceptional. After completion of AMII programme I got chance to work in different Insurance Technical areas in Allied Insurance Company such as Claims, Underwriting and Reinsurance department and the Knowledge that I had acquired and Insurance theories that I learnt from AMII programme helped me to make important work decisions. Furthermore, it also aided me in my everyday work life in all the different technical areas that I have had worked. Moreover, AMII Programme includes different significant Insurance modules which benefitted me during challenges at work. Therefore, I find this programme as a Game changer and I would recommend this programme.


Kohila Krishnan
Assessment and Fellowship Advisory Services

When I was thinking how to move forward in this insurance industry, MII offered CMII course to their staff. I took this opportunity and enrolled myself for this course. This course changed my entire perception towards insurance whereby I always thought insurance is a boring subject. CMII taught me the basics of insurance and for someone who had minimal knowledge in insurance, it was a great start. So, do not limit yourself, nothing is impossible, the word itself says I am possible. Thank you.


Chong Ju Wen
Assistant Manager,
Alor Setar Branch

Learning is a Lifelong Process. There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. I learnt a lot from the CMII course, and it gave me a good and strong basic foundation to enhance my professional career and skills in Insurance. Thanks to MII, for giving me, this opportunity and I enjoyed indeed the CMII course. I am currently pursuing AMII level 1 and will continue with AMII level 2 to pursue my career In Insurance.


Daphne Yong Nih Shyen
Branch Manager,

There is always something new to learn and our learning journey should never come to an end. Distance and age are not an excuse to stop from learning, it is about how strong your will is to step further and accomplish your goals. MII has given me an opportunity to learn and enhance my knowledge and skills. I enhanced my knowledge and built a good foundation with the CMII Programme. I gained much experience by completing the CMII course; it is fun and fruitful. I am looking forward to following up with another course to step closer towards my professional development goals.


Saberame Sivaretnam
CMII Student

Started the CMII because I was eager to learn the insurance industry coupled with the realization of how big a responsibility one shoulders as an insurance agent. Completing the CMII made me question myself “Am I equipped to guide those around me to make sound decisions for them and those around them? And there it went. My journey into AMII continued.

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