General Insurance Training

General Training

Short Training Courses
Our role in training is to support and complement the human capital development initiatives of the insurance industry. Our training programmes focus on technical, professional or specialised subjects which are not addressed at the company level.

Foundation Courses
The foundation courses provide a basic grounding in the concept of insurance, fundamental insurance principles, practices and insurance market. The courses are an essential first step designed for those new to the industry and also suitable for junior staff/new recruits. Participants will gain the basic and necessary working knowledge that they need to have at their working place and to expose participants on various processes which relate to specific classes of insurance.

Intermediate Courses
The intermediate courses are application-based and providing more exposure to the know-how and mechanism of the subject matter. The courses are more appropriate for the higher level staff (those who have experience in handling specific classes of insurance). Participants will gain huge benefits as our expert trainers will share their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter that they can apply to their work-based experience.

Introduction / Foundation Courses

Basic grounding in the concept of fundamental principle insurance and insurance market

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Intermediate Courses

Application-based and providing more exposure to the know-how and mechanism of the subject matter

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