About The Course

The main objective of the Fire Risks Assessors (FRA) accreditation course is to raise the profile and competency of risk engineers, fire surveyors, fire assessors and fire auditors in the Insurance Industry. Participants who complete the course will be recognised as qualified Fire Risks Assessors and listed on the Institution of Fire Engineers (UK) Malaysia Branch’s (IFEM) website for registrants of FRA. All registrants of FRA will have an opportunity to join IFE as a member (of suitable grade) with an opportunity to be registered as an Engineering Technician of The UK Engineering Council.

A competent Fire Risks Assessor will be able to conduct professional risks assessment of buildings under audit with in-depth knowledge learnt through the course. A FRA will be competent to produce a comprehensive risks assessment report by highlighting the risks of assets under review for loss prevention and business continuity.

A proper risks assessment will enable building owners to exercise mitigation measures in eradicating fire risks and ensuring safety for all occupants and visitors through risks management recommendations. The value of having competent FRAs in the insurance industry will be in terms of compensation pay out.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • perform competent fire risks assessment of buildings, identify potential risks and recommend mitigation measures as part of risk management for business continuity.
  • demonstrate understanding of the fundamental fire science, danger of fire propagation, danger of fire damage to properties and danger of smoke for occupants.
  • gain valuable lessons from past international and local fire incidents to prevent recurrence.
  • understand basic Building Regulation, Acts, Codes and Standards and legislative requirements for fire safety.
  • understand active and passive fire protection systems design concept, operation, functionality of components and methods of assessing system operational conditions.
  • provide structure risk advice to the Insurance Industry on risk exposure.
  • understand the concept of means of escape design.
  • incorporate human behaviour in fire safety design.

Course Outline

  • Fire Risks Assessment Methodology
  • Fire Science and Fire Safety
  • Building Regulation, Acts, Codes and Standards
  • Case study of international and local fire incidents
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Protection
  • Means of Escape/Human Behaviour
  • Fire Management


Mr. Tay Hao Giang CFIFireE
B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc. Fire Safety Engineering

Tay Hao-giang is a qualified Fire Engineer with vast experience. He obtained his Masters of Science in Fire Safety Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. As the principal fire consultant of Fire Safety Engineering Sdn Bhd, he has over 35 years of experience in fire safety engineering and management. He provides advice, consultancy service and training to corporate clients with a holistic approach to sustainable fire safety engineering design for business continuity.
Ir. Lee Kong Fan FIFireE

Ir. Lee Kong Fan obtained his B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering from Brighton University UK in 1982. He is the director of CHT International Sdn Bhd, a M&E consulting firm where he is involved in design and contract administration works for hospitals, offices, port terminals amongst others. In addition to fire protection systems, he is also well versed with smoke control and management design as well as pressurization of fire escape in mega-sized projects.
Ir. Chong Xin Xi MIFireE
MEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, P.Eng, MIEM, GBIF

Ir. Chong Xin Xi graduated as a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Engineering (First Class Honours) from the University of Birmingham in 2008. She is a registered Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). She is also a member of the Institution of Engineers (IEM) and the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE). She is currently serving IFE Malaysia Branch as the Honorary Treasurer.
Elphine Chew Ann Fey AIFireE
Bachelor of Architecture

Elphine Chew Ann Fey graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture (LAM Part II) from University Technology Malaysia in 2006 and has 14 years of working experience in architectural consultancy, management and design. Elphine has been a guest panelist and examiner for Taylor's University Architecture Review Sessions in year 2014 & 2020. She was a participant in the Venice Biennale Exhibition in 2012.

Course Details:


  • Four (4) Days Classroom Training, Discussions and Real World Case Analysis
  • One (1) day of Assessments – Group Practical Fire Risks Assessment and Individual Written Assessment

Course Fee
  • Local: RM 4,800
  • International: USD 1,200

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