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Foundation Course in CAR & EAR Insurance
25-26 January 2021

About the Course

Participants will be provided with a basic knowledge on this class of insurance, whereby they will be able to recognize the important aspects of CAR and EAR Class of Insurance and outline the scope of cover under the CAR/EAR policies as well as to identify the basic underwriting factors of CAR/EAR insurance.

Key Learning Outcome

  • recognize the important aspect and the background of CAR and EAR class of insurance
  • understand the general scope of coverage under the CAR and EAR policy
  • recognize the different between CAR and EAR policy and the policy provisions that governing the policy coverage
  • appreciate the various general perils that effect the CAR and EAR policy
  • know the consideration and request for underwriting information and documents
  • understand the subject matters of the CAR and EAR policy and also its relevant special conditions and warranties
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Designing The Employee Experience Post Covid-19
23 February 2021

The move to home and remote working in response to the Covid 19 pandemic highlighted both the challenges but also the opportunities that are offered both to organisations and their employees by working remotely at home.

Lloyd’s Bank in the UK has already announced that they are to transform almost a thousand jobs from office to home based roles after the pandemic and it is likely that many insurance organisations will do something similar or move towards a home/office hybrid model.

In this workshop we will use theories and research on employee engagement to outline how organisations may design this new employee experience to ensure that their employees remain motivated and engaged and happy in their work.

Course Content:

  • Potential ways of working post pandemic
  • Challenges and opportunities of new ways of working
  • Lessons from employee engagement research
  • Actions we will take when designing the employee experience
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Foundation Course in Motor Insurance
24-25 February 2021

About the Course

Participants will be provided with a basic knowledge on this class of insurance, whereby they will gain an understanding of the scope of coverage and its benefits of Motor Insurance, as well as the relevant underwriting and claim conditions and procedures relating to the product.

Key Learning Outcome

  • relate motor insurance and its needs
  • understand and express the principles of motor insurance
  • distinguish the motor insurance coverage available and its benefits
  • make reference and interpret the Malaysian motor insurance tariff
  • recognize and apply various documentation in Motor insurance
  • relate various laws relating to motor insurance
  • compute premium for motor insurance policies and endorsements
  • identify various motor insurance underwriting factors
  • relate and apply various additional benefits
  • differentiate the application of calculation method and its application
  • understand the application of NCB & loading
  • differentiate the various excesses available in motor insurance and understand their applications
  • identify various type of motor insurance claims and relevant document to claims processing
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Foundation Course in Fire Insurance
2-3 March 2021

About The Course
In this course, participants will learn about the basics of Fire Insurance, which will enable participants to identify and apply the principles of insurance. This includes understanding the structure and scope of cover provided for Fire Insurance policies.

Key Learning Outcome

  • Describe the size and significance of Fire Insurance in Malaysia.
  • Know the various insurance principles applicable to Fire Insurance.
  • Name the scope of cover in Fire Insurance.
  • Recognize the structure and make reference to the Revised Fire Tariff.
  • Explain the rating mechanism in Fire Insurance.
  • List the extraneous perils available to Fire Insurance.
  • Outline the structure of fire insurance policy conditions and common clauses.
  • Gain basic skill in underwriting and risk assessment.
  • Explain the claim procedures involve for Fire Insurance claim.
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General Overview of Life Insurance Operations
2-3 March 2021

Key Learning Outcome

  • recognize the insurance companies environment.
  • describe the roles and functions of the various departments in a typical life
  • insurance and takaful company.
  • identify various distribution channels used for marketing life
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Fire Clauses - How to Apply the Right Clauses for Maximum Protection
29-30 March 2021

About The Course
You may have come across instances where clients have asked for a whole range of fire insurance clauses to be incorporated into the fire policy thinking that the coverage would be more comprehensive. However, the purpose of these clauses must be well understood. And clauses applied should be relevant. Otherwise, the inclusion of certain clauses could be detrimental to the interest of the Insured in the event of a claim.

Key Learning Outcome

  • interpret clauses correctly.
  • see the technicalities involved.
  • know when and how to use them.
  • tailor- make a fire policy with relevant clauses that offer the best coverage and protection to the Insured common clauses.

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