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#LearningNeverStops Webinar Series comprise of curated webinar sessions conducted and supported by MII as well as other industry experts. The topics in our webinar sessions are selected on its relevance to the industry in current situations and ones that can help us gain and apply knowledge for a better future.

Global Market Stats & Benchmarking 2020 - APAC version

Wednesday, 28/10/2020
3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Following 16 years of steadily declining premium rates, worldwide Engineering Insurance rates have rebounded in many markets, but only to levels last seen in 2012/13. Malaysia might be considered to be lagging other markets in rate rises. This presentation looks at the impact of rate rises globally, and how they compare via the latest International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA) dedicated rating and loss ratio indices for Engineering Insurance covers.

IMIA’s statistics working group, led by Executive Committee members Dieter Spaar of HDI and Simon Dejung of Scor have teamed up with Zurich based independent insurance market data analyst, PERILS, to produce reference points which help the Engineering Insurance markets to benchmark their activities. 

IMIA’s Rate Change Index, first developed in 2017, has now been supplemented by the new Loss Ratio Index and the Mega Loss Index, with the aim of making complex Engineering Insurance market trends easier to follow.

Speaker Profile

Simon Dejung is by background a biochemical engineer M.Sc. and worked for 10 years as a project manager for the pharmaceutical and renewable power industry.

Since 10 years he works for SCOR as an engineering treaty underwriter, managing a global portfolio with focus on London market, EMEA and part of Americas.

Simon joined IMIA’s executive committee 2019.

Registration Fee:

  • MII Members: Complimentary
  • Non Members: RM 50.00



Mr. Simon Dejung
Senior Underwriter, Global Line Engineering,
SCOR Global P&C SE, Zurich Branch
MII Webinar Series

Insurtech for Non-Life Insurers: Challenges, Risks & Data Privacy

Wednesday, 28/10/2020
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Hong Kong time)

Challenges to Non-Life Insurers

Speaker: Diamond Lo

  • 2019/2020 market development, including new players
  • Business values in introducing Insurtech
  • Common obstacles faced by insurers


Insurtech - IT Security

Speaker: Henrique Centieiro

  • The challenges, opportunities and risks that ABCD (AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics) technologies bring to Insurtech
  • How to leverage cloud and technologies such as Blockchain and Data Analytics without compromising IT security?
  • What are the best IT security practices in the industry?


Insurtech & Data Privacy

Speaker: Henry Wong

  • Introduction
  • Key sanctions for breaches
  • Potential vulnerabilities
  • Hong Kong and UK judgments
  • Food for thoughts



Mr Diamond Lo 
Former CEO of Macau Insurance Company


Mr Henrique Centieiro
Innovation Project Manager


Henry Wong
Founding Partner of WMC Partners
MII Webinar Series

IMIA Webinar

The Annual Conference devotes special attention to topics suitable for publication and will include (Papers; Working Group; Statistics; Special Reports)

Global Market Stats and Benchmarking (ILORI, IRCI, IMLI) 
Friday, 20/11/2020

1.00 p.m. - 2.30 p.m CET

Speaker: Mr. Simon Dejung

Risks associated with New Materials WGP 121 (20) 
Tuesday, 8/12/2020
1.00 p.m. - 2.15 p.m. CET

Speaker: Mr. Hailu Tadesse

Mr. Simon Dejung
Mr. Hailu Tadesse

IMIA Webinar Series

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