#LearningNeverStops Webinar Series
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#LearningNeverStops Webinar Series comprise of curated webinar sessions conducted and supported by MII as well as other industry experts. The topics in our webinar sessions are selected on its relevance to the industry in current situations and ones that can help us gain and apply knowledge for a better future.

Digital Insurance in Malaysia

Tuesday, 18/8/2020
1:00pm - 2:15pm (Malaysia)

Join us for this 75 minute webinar to discover the digital insurance landscape in Malaysia in partnership with the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII)

We have an excellent panel of experienced industry experts who will share their thoughts and perspectives. You can expect a lively panel discussion with questions from the audience. We will also seek your views with some polls as we go along.
The session will conclude with updates from MII and TDI including details of the TDI Academy programmes on digital insurance.

Event Highlights

Key Questions to be answered:

1. What are the key global trends on digital insurance?
2. What is the InsurTech landscape in Malaysia?
3. How quickly are ecosystems building ?
4. How to create effective partnerships
5. How are existing insurers reacting?

The Digital Insurer Webinar Series

Delighting Your Customers and Finding New Prospects DIGITALLY

Tuesday, 18/8/2020
10.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Learning Hours

2 hours (including Pre & Post Assessments)

  • Keeping your pipeline full: Make a prospecting action plan your priority
  • Prospecting online by creating social media presence
  • The power of framing to gain instant credibility without physical meet up
  • Building rapport and trust over without physical meet up
  • Turning prospects into customers
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise potential ways to improve customers’ interaction through digital resources
  • Discuss the methods or techniques to strengthen sales and relationship skills with existing and new prospects
  • Describe the tools and action plans in digital and social media marketing execution
  • Demonstrate through digital resources how one is able to build rapport and turn prospects into customers

Price: MYR 350

*Fee is not inclusive of 6% SST


Michael Teoh
CEO & Founder of Thriving Talents

SIDC Webinar

Ethics and Technology: Will The Transition Be Just and Orderly?

Wednesday, 19 August 2020
10.30 am (+8 GMT)

It is now widely expected that the development and application of new technologies will bring about progress that amounts to civilisational change. Without care, change will be accompanied by an uneven distribution of burdens and benefits — both between societies and within them. AICB, in collaboration with The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) and the Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM), analyses the implications of this change for bankers and the wider society and economy in which they participate. “Ethics and Technology: Will the Transition be Just and Orderly?” Join Dr Simon Longstaff and Dr Dzaharudin Mansor as they explore the role of ethical restraint in harnessing the potential of technology while avoiding a dystopian future. Our panel of speakers will also share their knowledge on the core principles that can guide the design, development and deployment of new technologies, and discuss the role of banking and finance in ensuring a just and orderly transition. As an AICB member, you are entitled to register for this webinar with our compliments.
Dr Simon Longstaff AO FCPA FRSN FARPI, ,
Executive Director, The Ethics Centre, Australia
Dr Jasmine Begum, ,
Director, Legal, Corporate & Government Affairs,
Microsoft ASEAN & New Markets

Shalini Pavithran,
Chief Executive Officer, The Malaysian Insurance Institute 

AICB Webinar

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