Fellowship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (FMII)

Who Is This Programme For:
The MII Fellowship programme is designed to assist insurance practitioners across all sectors of the insurance and takaful industry to enhance their career prospects while charting their personal and professional development plans in the course of their employment. This provides a competitive advantage to employers who will have access to highly skilled personnel.

Minimum Entry Requirement:
  1. You must have completed the Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) Level 2.
  2. You must be a current MII Senior Associate member and such membership must be maintained during the entire duration of the progression towards Fellowship.
  3. You must have been employed (or self-employed) in insurance and/or takaful for at least four (4) years.
  4. You must have been wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work related to insurance and/or takaful.
  5. You must fulfil the requirements of the Fellowship programme according to the guidelines set out in the Guidebook.
  6. You must be able to provide a record of your last three (3) years of CPD (including the graduation year) by completing the stipulated minimum number of hours each year.
ACTION 1 - Completion of AMII
If you have completed your MII Associateship (AMII) examination, you will need to enclose a copy of your completion certificate together and then proceed to Action 2.

If not, read more about our AMII flagship programme here.
Hear what our students have to say about their experience at MII.
My involvement in the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) Fellowship Programme has seen me becoming an agent of real change, creating a pathway for my staff to not only become more competent, but also to achieve higher professional qualifications. This has ultimately benefited both my company and the wider industry. Participation in the MII Fellowship Programme has thus been a definite boost for my career. I have gained new insights into programme management and delivery and have been encouraged to examine new potentialities. I have also become a truly valued employee, trusted with increased responsibility and leadership tasks, particularly in the area of General Insurance and the conducting of technical programmes.
Ms Mangiatilagam K. Velautham, FMII
FMII is the most prestigious qualification one can attain in Malaysia and I am challenging myself to do it. It had been my dream and vision to be a person who can contribute to the community. I want to contribute to the general insurance industry and hope that by attaining the Fellowship of MII, I can further propel my learning and sharing via the MII platform to the industry. The main purpose is to assist our industry to achieve a higher professional level and create greater awareness among the general public of insurance.

Ethics in Business (EIB) has given me insights on ethics and how impactful ethics in business is, especially for leaders. We know the importance of being ethical, but the EIB module made me to truly understand the role one needs to play and the impact it creates. One person’s role may be insignificant, but many individual roles coming together, make a huge impact. Hence everything starts from one person and that person is us. And all of this starts from becoming an ethical leader and that ethical training needs to start very early in a person’s professional career.
Mr Weng Eu Gene, FMII
As a Fellow I look forward to applying the skills that I had acquired through the FMII programme to move to a significant role with greater responsibilities and challenges. Possibly to a Chief Underwriter role of a renowned Insurance company, so that I can contribute my knowledge to greater heights. Overall, this journey was fulfilling as I embarked to grow my skills as a whole-rounded Insurance expert.
Ms Kalarany Nathan, FMII

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