MII Annual Report 2021

Futurizing The Industry Together

Gearing For Insurance Reimagined

MII understands that learning and development and culture is an important component of running a sustainable business. For employees to know how to operate technology, adhere to processes, and expand their knowledge on products or services – reskilling and upskilling is a key driver in building these functional competencies. By providing the platform and learning opportunities to the industry, MII collaborates with the industry and partners to build a resilient and dynamic insurance industry in the face of a complex future.

To help companies overcome talent shortage and retention issues that leads to high turnover costs, decreased productivity, and low efficiency rates, MII’s professional qualifications, certifications and courses now embeds future skills and non-insurance content, specifically on digital insurance, cyber security, data analytics, digital marketing, leadership, personal development and many more.

Our Achievements

Completed MII's Professional Certification Programme

Completed MII's Agent's Licensing Examinations

Industry professionals attended MII programmes & exams

Graduates of the
Fellowship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (FMII)

Graduates of the Diploma (DMII) & Associateship
of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) Level 1

Graduates of the Associateship
of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII)

MII Members

Individual Members

Institutional Members & Institutional Affiliate Members

E-Learning Users

Textbooks Published

Library Visitors

Annual General Meeting

23 June 2022
10.00 a.m. (MY Time)
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