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Constitution of The Malaysian Insurance Institute
The Constitution of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) which serves as the main law and regulation for MII, outlines the manners of the admission, right and privileges as well as conduct and discipline of its members and affiliates. Click here to download the MII Constitution.
Code of Ethics & Conduct (COEC)
Code of ethics are not uncommon to any professional bodies governing special membership. To ensure that MII membership are at par with the industry and the leading professional bodies, MII had developed the Code of Ethics & Conduct (COEC) which is in line with industry best practices.

Adherence to the code demonstrate our commitment to deliver professional excellence to the industry and is made applicable to all individual members of MII (Fellow, Senior Associate, Associate, Certificate, Ordinary & Affiliate Individual).
Members of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII), as described by the Constitution, shall continuously uphold and abide by the following ethical principles that are vital to the achievement of a high standard of professionalism across the insurance industry:
CODE 1 - Pursuit of Excellence
  1. Members shall constantly develop and maintain the relevant knowledge, skills and technical competencies to ensure that their activities are conducted professionally and proficiently.
  2. Members shall meet the requirements of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  3. Members are expected to provide continuous support and assistance for staff under their care / supervision in achieving the requisite levels of competence.
MII CPD Framework
Making CPD a mandatory requirement for qualified members of professional bodies is standard practice, however in order to inculcate the habit of learning and developing professional competency to its members and for greater industry acceptance, MII plans to introduce the CPD requirement in a phased approach.
Phase 1 Introductory of CPD Requirement will be implemented as follows :
  • Phase 1 commences from 2021 until 2023.
  • Minimum requirement per year is 15 CPD points.
  • From the minimum 15 CPD points, at least a minimum of 10 CPD points must be obtained from Formal activities.
  • Not mandatory, noncompliance will not be subjected to disciplinary actions.
  • No CPD monitoring.
  • Participant will receive official acknowledgement in MII portal/website and special benefits.
Scope and Requirements
  1. Applicable to all Fellow, Senior Associate & Associate Members of MII.
  2. The framework is developed in accordance with Article 32 of MII Constitution and the MII Code of Ethics & Conduct (COEC).
  3. The objective of this framework is to assist members in broadening the competency relevants to their professional practice in a structured approach; by considering the knowledge, skills and practical experience gather from formal and informal activities.
  4. Members are expected to develop and maintain competence in the areas of:
    • Technical knowledge,
    • Personal development,
    • Management,
    • Ethics, especially in areas related to the work or the industry of the member,
    • Risk management, especially in areas related to the work or the industry of the member,
    • Compliance of law and regulation related to the work or the industry of the member.
  5. Members to record their CPD activities undertaken for the period of 1 January until 31 December of the admission year.
  6. Members who have undertaken more than the minimum required CPD points may not carry forward the surplus points to the following year of membership.
  7. For formal activity to be recognized for CPD purposes, the activity must be conducted for at least one hour.
  8. Formal activities must be conducted by MII or MII Affiliates. The list will be reviewed annually or as and when needed.

List of MII Affiliates as of July 2021 :
  1. Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)
  2. ASEAN Insurance Training & Research Institute (AITRI)
  3. Association of Malaysian Loss Adjusters (AMLA)
  4. Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF)
  5. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)
  6. Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
  7. Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA)
  8. Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre (Iclif)
  9. Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM)
  10. Insurance Services Malaysia (ISM)
  11. Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM)
  12. Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM)
  13. Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC)
  14. Malaysian Insurance & Takaful Brokers Association (MITBA)
  15. Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA)
  16. National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance and Family Takaful Advisers (NAMLIFA)
  17. Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM)
  18. Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC)
  19. MII Institutional Members

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