1. How do I register online for PCEIA and CEILLI computer-based examination?
    Effective September 2015, registration for PCEIA and CEILLI must be done online through iLMS, www.mii4u.org, The User Manual on how to create iLMS account is available at this link:User Manual

  2. What is the entry requirement(s) for PCEIA examination?
    The minimum entry requirement is SPM with 5 Passes (subject must include B. Malaysia) or its equivalent. When registering online, candidates are required to upload the softcopy of their academic certificate(s).

  3. How do I register for PCEIA/CEILLI if I lost my SPM certificate?
    new copy of your SPM certificate can be obtained from:
    Lembaga Peperiksaan, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Lobby Utama, Aras 1, Block E 11, Kompleks E, 62604 Putrajaya.

  4. How do I get access to the PCEIA/CEILLI e-Learning materials?
    The free PCEIA/CEILLI e-Learning materials are automatically accessible within 12 hours upon successful registration of the PCEIA/CEILLI examination. You also get free access to the Interactive e-Textbook together with the e-Learning materials.
    e-Learning Troubleshooting Guide

  5. How do I reset my ILMS password?
    User ID: NRIC (without dash)
    Password: Click ‘Forgot password’

  6. How do I change or amend my name/NRIC in iLMS?
    Submit a scanned copy of your NRIC and email to customercare@mii.org.my.

  7. How do I change or amend my name/NRIC after I have registered for PCEIA/CEILLI?
    Changes to candidate’s personal details can only be made during the examination day.
    You are required to produce your original NRIC and a printed copy of the examination permit on the examination day; and inform the Examination Invigilator on the discrepancy of your name/NRIC, to enable the Invigilator to amend accordingly.

  8. Is there any physical textbook for PCEIA/CEILLI?
    Yes. The physical textbook can be purchased (RM30 each) at MII offices, Wisma FGV, Jalan Sultan Ismail or MII HQ Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights.
    Alternatively, you may place an order for the textbook by mail order. For this option, email your order request to Zarina (ext. 225, zarina@mii.org.my). Order form

  9. How to request for Takaful Basic Exam (TBE) result/certificate?
    Takaful Basic Exam (TBE) is conducted by MII from February 2009 to 24 March 2012.
    a) Candidates must personally email to customercare@mii.org.my to request for the result/certificate.
    b) If a third party is requesting on behalf of the candidate, a written authorization letter signed by the candidate must be attached in the email. Note: PDPA Act 2010 applies.

  10. How do I register for e-RFP Module 1 or e-RFP Module 2?
    Registration must be done online through iLMS, www.mii4u.org.

  11. How do I register for LIAM BSC?
    Registration must be done online through iLMS, www.mii4u.org.

  12. I’ve already registered for the PCEIA & CEILLI examinations and now unable to attend. Can I postpone the examinations?
    Effective 1 August 2016, any changes/withdrawal/postponement is not permitted.

  13. I wish to cancel my PCEIA & CEILLI examination. Can I request for a refund?
    Once registered, no refund is available.
  14. My PCEIA & CEILLI application has been rejected. How do I get a refund?
    You need to email your request for refund to customercare@mii.org.my. The department in charge of your case will send a refund form (via email) which you need to fill and attach to your email.

    A processing fee of RM5.00 (for each exam route) will be deducted from the payment you had made earlier. The refund process takes 15 working days from the date of submission of the form.

    If you are requesting for refund on behalf of someone else, state it in your email to Customer Care and you will receive an authorisation form that you need to fill and submit as attachment. A copy of payee’s NRIC is also required for our reference.

    Note: Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) applies.

  15. I lost my PCEIA & CEILLI certificates. How do I reprint?
    Click this link for the form and guide.

  16. I would like to retrieve my previous PCEIA & CEILLI examination record. How do I go about it?
    You must send your request to customercare@mii.org.my. Make sure to provide your full name and NRIC.

  17. I would like to request for duplicated copies of the PCEIA & CEILLI results on behalf of a candidate. How do I go about it?
    You must send your request to customercare@mii.org.my. A written authorization letter signed by the candidate must be attached together with the email.

  18. I passed my PCEIA & CEILLI examinations, how do I collect my certificates?
    The original PCEIA & CEILLI certificates (hard copy) can be obtained through:
  • Self-collect at MII, or 
  • Third party email request with written and signed authorization letter from the candidate, or
  • Make payment via ATM/Online Banking to:
    • Fee: Courier charge RM10.60 (Semenanjung) or RM15.90 (Sabah/Sarawak)
    • Additional Fee: RM5.00 per certificate for late collection fee (if any)
    • Bank: RHB Bank
    • Beneficiary name: The Malaysian Insurance Institute / Account 2
    • Account number: 2641-6000-00-4670

Send the scanned copy of the bank-in slip or transaction receipt via email to Suraya (sue@mii.org.my) or Nitasha (nitasha@mii.org.my)

The certificate will be sent to you via courier service within one (1) week upon receipt of the payment slip, mailing address and contact no.

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